Matt House


The story of the ‘Matt house’ is a simple one, a story that begins from the studio’s inherent course of thinking. Their objective to carve out spaces, which are ‘functional, simple and have lasting value’, started the process. The designer also shares how the client’s brief of a ‘great place to live in’ prompted them to carry forward the studio’s philosophy of being true to form and maximize the use of natural materials.

The ‘Matt house’ is a modern home in its true sense, its clean simple lines and uncomplicated design defines this space which is homely, uncluttered and a visual delight. The idea is an influence from the minimalistic style of design where, ‘Less is more’ is a philosophy intrinsic to the Studio’s style of work. The little burst of colours are mood elevators lending the home a cheerful personality. The aesthetics is an interpretation of tradition in a modern way, which is reflected in the choice of various elements as seen throughout the house. - Text by Prachi Nikam.

Veranda on a Roof


Located on the roof of a 12 storey building of a duplex apartment, this space was conceptualized as a ‘Veranda’. It is a space designed keeping in mind the family and their clear understanding of a special place they wanted to add to their home. A space crafted out from their lifestyle which revolves around books, food and plants. Hence, this ‘Veranda on the Roof’ houses a library and a pantry, which extend into a terrace. Bold earthy undertones of the cement textured walls and Teak wood furniture are used to set the tone of this space. The roof library overlooks the terrace garden through a wooden glass paneled façade, which gives a notion of an enclosure that can open up completely, blurring the boundaries of the inside from the outside. It can not only overlook the exotic view of a race course but also be able to create a world within its own, where one can immerse and indulge in the pleasures of one’s seeking. Veranda on the Roof turns as a refuge, where the shifting contexts have created new meanings. - Text by Prachi Nikam.

Studio Course Workspace

Our ongoing office of Studio Course. A studio where all the principles of designs and materials are challenged to be utilized in its fundamental form and function.

The walls and ceiling are exposed to show the truth of materials in architecture. The electricity conduits are shown to express their function and identity, which also adds to the rawness of the studio. All the furniture is recycled and reused and experimented with various oils and finishes to fit-in with the environment.

Coming Soon...

Lawyer's Office

Office for Monish Jain of MJ & Partners at Law College road, Pune.

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Veranda on a Roof_02 Drawing